Personal data

Andreas Lobbes
Schkeuditzer Str. 11
12627 Berlin, Germany
Tel: +4917629232028
Fax: +493033085495
* 15.11.1967, Berlin

Professional experience

    05.2022 - Present Senior Softwareentwickler, Nord Security
    03.2005 - 04.2022 Senior Softwareentwickler, ThinPrint AG
  • Design and development of all VMware ThinPrint Tools for unix. (C)
  • Redesign and development of latest ThinPrint Client V7 for unix. (C)
  • Framework design at system-level. (Windows, C++)
  • Further development of ThinPrint core products for windows. (C++)
  • Further development of Contentbeamer Corporate (predecessor of Cortado Corporate Server) and implementation of accompanying services (TP GetMail). (C++)
  • Backend implementation of ThinPrint Hub: (C)
  • Re-design and implementation of ThinPrint Connection Service as cluster solution (C++)
  • Backend implementation of ezeep Hub: (C)
  • ezeep Blue Backend Development (C++, .NET, MS Azure)
    04.1999 - 02.2005 Software developer, Comitatus Software AG Berlin
    08.1998 - 03.1999 Software developer, Comitatus Software
  • Driver implementation for various medical analyzer, designed as DCOM services with modular exchangable protocol stack (ASTM, Kermit, Coulter MAXM, generic packet handler,..) and hardware stack (Lantronix, TCP, RS232) to import numerical and graphical measurements for the Meliss@net hospital information system by Comitatus Software AG. (C++)
  • Remote connecting hospital information systems via HL7, SAP HCM and surgeries via LDT (C++, Delphi)
  • Server implementation to visualize diagnosis-data via HTML, Crystal API (PDF) and transfer via FTP, SMTP, David-/HylaFax, printer, LDT, HL7. (Delphi)
  • Error analysis, performance optimization and further development of various Meliss@net client modules, especially concerning procurement, accountancy and inventory management. (Delphi)
  • Implementation and provisioning of services for remote connecting surgeries via IE to Meliss@net regarding material requisition and inventory management. (Struts/J2EE)
  • Design and implementation of a servlet application for a courier service's route planning, integrating a GPS tracking system by SatMARS company. (JSF/J2EE)
  • Participating development of "Topografie des Terrors" regarding archiving. (JSP/JDBC)
  • Implementation of a cron daemon as servlet to run SQL batches for Gillette company. (J2EE)
  • Implementation of a servlet application to provide catalog ordering for Lernidee Erlebnisreisen. (Struts/JDBC)
  • Visualization of data via JSP frontend by integrating Crystal RAS for Lernidee Erlebnisreisen. (Struts/JDBC)
  • Connection of dosimeters for Strahlenmesstelle Berlin. (Struts/J2EE)
  • Linux administration/support for all customers.
    01.1989 - 08.1998 Software developer as freelancer
  • Visualization, control, route optimization of a device to test integrated circuit logic of a populated board for Schaller Feintechnik GbR, Berlin, '95-97 (C)
  • Optical recognition and orientation of workpieces for Kraft Thomas Metallbau, Grünberg, by order of ISYS Inspektionssysteme, Freiburg, '94 (C++)
  • Visualization and control of a sensor module to measure fluctuations in high pressure lines for Schaller Feintechnik GbR, Berlin, '94 (C)
  • Control of a highspeed-inkjet by IMS-VIDEOJET Markierungssysteme GmbH to label products of Salzenbrodt GmbH & Co KG, Berlin, '93 (C)
  • Jump at optical markers for visual control within bonding process for Bosch company, Reutlingen, by order of CLR electronic, P.Schaller & R.Jeschar Gbr, Berlin, '91/92 (GFA)
  • Sensor calibration within embedded environment (68HC11) for Ing-Büro Ringwald, Berlin, '90/91 (as employee)
  • Visualization, control of a cutting machine to cut microscope slides for Euroimmun company, Groß Grönau, by order of CLR electronic, P.Schaller & R.Jeschar Gbr, Berlin, '89/90 (GFA)
  • Implementation of frontend, interpreter and control to run scripts for milling machines by order of CLR electronic, P.Schaller & R.Jeschar Gbr, Berlin, '89 (GFA)


    1987 - 1996 Studying electronics, TU-Berlin, Intermediate diploma 1992
    1980 - 1987 Ulrich-Von-Hutten High school Berlin, University-entrance diploma 1987


  • TOS, DOS, DPMI, Win32, MacOS, Interix, Cygwin, BSD, Linux API/administration
  • 6809/68HC11, PC, Atari hardware programming
  • C, C++, GO, m6809/11, m68k, ix86, x86_64, .NET, Java, Delphi, Basic (unspecific), Shell
  • Borland, MSVC, Watcom, Eclipse IDEs, CVS, git, GNU/Java development tools
  • Client/Server, TCP/UDP in general, Socket API, (SYSV-)IPC, RDP, ICA
  • OOA (Booch, UML), OOD (MVC), OOP
  • J2EE, JDBC, JSP, JSF, Struts, HTML
  • JBoss/Tomcat, Resin
  • VPN (Freeswan), SSL, SMTP, POP3, Samba, Apache, Linux services in general
  • RocksDB, mySQL, Interbase/Firebird, Oracle (short trial), Sybase
  • Crystal API, RAS
  • COM, DCOM, ADO, OLE, NT-Services
  • medicine protocols ASTM, LDT, HL7, SAP HCM
  • Technical documentation tools Doxygen, TeX
  • Native german speaking, good english language skills.
  • Autodidact